We are delighted to announce the latest release, version 0.96, with additional IP Telephony capabilities. Now, GnomeMeeting users can place low cost PC-to-Phone calls anywhere in the world using Quicknet’s MicroTelco Internet Telephone Service (see the FAQ for more detailed information). GnomeMeeting v0.96 is a full release with added new features and updates to the prior release.

New features include:

* PC-To-Phone calls (Scheduled for availability by 31 January 2003)

* New configuration druid with easy audio and video configuration and testing

* New address book with groups and drag-and-drop support

* New ILS browser with drag-and-drop support

* Friendly on screen Dialpad

* callto:// URLs available for everyone without the need to be visible on ILS (ILS invisibility)

* Full Quicknet hardware support

* Dynamic video quality adjustment during calls to improve video quality

* Dynamic jitter buffer adjustment during calls to improve audio quality

* Video bandwidth limitation support

* Improved status icon support

* Full internationalization support in H.323 and ILS

* Menus reorganization

* HIG compliance fixes and GUI cleanups

* Possibility to compile without the GNOME libraries

* Possibility to disable video reception for dialup users

* Possibility to change user input capabilities method

* Updated and complete translations: ca.po (Josep Puigdemont), cs.po (Petr Vokac), da.po (Ole Laursen), de.po (Stefan Bruens), es.po (Raul Jover), fr.po (Fabrice Alphonso), lv.po (Artis Trops), nl.po (Huib Kleinhout), ru.po (Leon Kanter), sv.po (Christian Rose), zh_TW.po (Chung-Yen Chang), …

Upgrade to version 0.96 now!

Url: http://www.gnomemeeting.org

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