la version 2.6 de rp-pppoe (programme de connexion a l’adsl) est sorti,


Changes from Version 2.5 to 2.6:

– Code should now compile cleanly on Caldera and Slackware Linux

– Fixed rp-pppoe.spec file to work on Mandrake and Red Hat.

– Deleted some obsolete files

– Fixed bug in Solaris/x86 port (thanks to Philippe Levan)

– Made shell scripts nicer under Solaris (again, Philippe Levan)

– Made adsl-status look under /var/run and /etc/ppp for PID files.

Should fix problems with NetBSD.

– Added PPPD_EXTRA to pppoe.conf; made the PID file depend on the
config file name. This makes it easier to run multiple PPPoE sessions.

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