Lorsque l’on utilise RDC sur mac on remarque souvent que si le clavier local est considéré comme « Belgian French », le mapping à travers la connexion RDC se fait en US (EN). Extrêmement pénible lorsque l’on utilise cela régulièrement… et bien ce n’est pas un bug mais le fait qu’il n’y a pas de détection très évoluée du keyboard dans le logiciel même… mais plutôt un mapping « forcé » 😉

Voici un commentaire le signalant:
« Hi all,

Let me drop in a quick note here as I contributed to the spec on the keyboard layout functionality. This is one feature that I really wanted to see fixed since RDC 1.0 since I use a French Canadian keyboard layout and it resulted in either defaulting to French in Windows or US mapping.

Ideally, we would have liked to support all keyboard layouts supported in the International System Preferences. But technically, we cannot detect all the different physical keyboard types connected to the Mac. We can only get three different keyboard types: English, ISO, and JIS. ISO corresponds to all European keyboards. What we are doing now is: if we detect an ISO keyboard, we use IME setting on the Mac to set keyboard mapping between the Mac and Windows.

Each keyboard had to be mapped manually – by brute force – because of time constraint, we couldn’t support all the keyboards so we needed to decide which keyboard to support so, as released, here are the keyboard layout supported:

Mac British mapped to Windows British
Mac Dutch -> Windows Dutch
Mac Italian -> Windows Italian
Mac Italian pro -> Windows Italian
Mac French -> Windows French
Mac French Swiss -> Windows French Swiss
Mac French Canadian -> Windows French Canadian
Mac Germany -> Windows Germany
Mac Germany Swiss -> Windows Germany Swiss
Mac Swedish -> Windows Swedish
Mac Swedish pro -> Windows Swedish
Mac Spanish -> Windows Spanish International
Mac Spanish ISO -> Windows Spanish International

If an unsupported keyboard value is selected on the Input Menu, RDC will default to US English setting. It can then be changed on the Windows side

Although, not all keyboard configuration are supported, we are in a much better position than we were in RDC 1.0! »

Source: http://www.officeformac.com/blog/RDC-2-is-out-of-beta-and-available-today/#comments

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